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In-Helmet Social Networking: Influential Ex-General’s Vision of Future War

MG (Ret.) Robert H. Scales Jr.
Wired Magazine
July 20, 2010

"In the near future, infantrymen will be selected by psychologists, train like football teams and tap online social networks of military experts as they enter a war-zone village. The soldiers will rely on overseas translators to talk to the locals, drive all-electric vehicles and have their vital signs constantly monitored by their superiors."


The Sergeant Solution

MG (Ret.) Robert H. Scales Jr.
Wall Street Journal
April 8, 2008

"Winning wars is not a test of numbers or materiel so much as it is a test of will. The side that wins is the side that wants most to win.. In good armies, the will to win is set by example, by junior leaders, sergeants and lieutenants, who lead from the front."
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Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Video)

MG (Ret.) Robert H. Scales Jr.
April 2, 2008

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on the U.S. Troop Buildup in Iraq. Chairman Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) holds a Senate hearing looking at the effects of the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq known as “the surge.”
Hearing Transcript


Testimony before the Senate Armed Services Sub Committee on Emerging Threats & Capabilities

MG (Ret.) Robert H. Scales Jr.
April 25, 2007

Testimony on efforts to improve the Department of Defense's language and cultural awareness capabilities.
Hearing Transcript
Statement for the Record
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