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LandPower - the decisive element in national military strategy


We are lead agents in the formulation of future warfighting concepts and posses a unique understanding of the nature and character of conflict. Our knowledge will enhance your ability to understand and influence agencies within the department of defense. Our competencies include transformation, strategic leadership, military training and education, doctrine, operational concepts and insights and lessons learned from past and present conflicts. Colgen is lean, agile, current and connected. We have a proven track record for producing results very quickly and at a very competitive cost.


Core Competencies

  • strategic leadership for senior executives
  • history-based analysis
  • development of future warfighting concepts
  • military training and education
  • operational perspectives on systems and programs
  • advising government and media on issues related to landpower

Colgen Values

COLGEN is guided by values and a commitment to our customers, associates, partners, owners and the public. We believe: 

In Excellence
  • Delivering the Highest Quality Products and Service
  • Developing Our People
  • Being the Best in Our Business

In Commitment

  • To our Customers
  • To our Associates
  • To our Stakeholders

In Innovation

  • Charting Visionary Directions
  • Facilitating Change
  • Improving Continuously

In Success 

  • Of Individuals
  • Of our Customers
  • Of our Company

In Integrity

  • Doing What is Right
  • Telling the Truth
  • Walking Our Talk

In Teamwork

  • Accepting Responsibility
  • Empowering People and Sharing Leadership
  • Communicating Honestly and Freely

In People

  • Respect and Caring for Our Customers
  • Respect and Caring for Each Other
  • Respect and Caring for Our Stakeholders

In Customers

  • Listening to Their Needs
  • Responding Quickly and Effectively
  • Exceeding Their Expectations