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LandPower - the decisive element in national military strategy


Our growing list of satisfied clients includes:


Air War College National Security Agency
Army Material Command Navy War College
Army National Guard   Northrop Grumman 
Boeing Pfizer  
Booze Allen Hamilton Raytheon 
Burdeshaw Associates LLC SAIC  
Canadian National War College Security Command
Central Intelligence agency Special Operations Command  
CNOs Strategic Studies Group Sun Nutrition LLC
Command & General Staff College The Wexford Group
CSC University of Central Florida
Discovery Channel University of Pennsylvania
Fox News University of South Florida
General Dynamics US Army  
History Channel US Army Artillery School 
Institute of Defense Analysis  US Army Inteligence and Security Command 
Joint Forces Staff College US Army Reserve           
Lockheed Martin    US Army War College
Marine Corps University US Marine Corps  
Maxwell School, Syracuse University US Marine Corps Reserve  
National Defense University US Military Academy  
National Public Radio US Navy