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LandPower - the decisive element in national military strategy

Colgen Co-founders, Colonel (Ret.) Jack H. Pryor and MG (Ret.) Robert H. Scales.

Welcome to Colgen

Colgen, LP is one of the latest and fastest growing defense consulting firms in the United States. Founded in 2003 by MG (Retired) Robert H. Scales Jr. PhD and Colonel (Retired) Jack H. Pryor, the company seeks to redefine how defense consulting is done today.

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our company is structured virtually with the headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and our associates and employees located throughout the country. The virtual office structure allows Colgen to deliver services of unparalleled quality very quickly and at very competitive prices.

Our recent arrival on the defense consulting scene means that our consultants and associates are newly arrived as well. Their ideas are fresh. Their knowledge of defense related issues is current and well grounded in contemporary events.

We deliver. Everyone who works for Colgen from the founders to the latest arrivals is committed to doing the work. Everyone contributes actively regardless of rank and time on station.

We are careful to limit our work to what we know. Landpower and the Services that provide it; The Army, Marine Corps, Special Operations Forces, The Army National Guard, Army and Marine Corps Reserve, and other related landpower forces such as CIA direct action, homeland security and law enforcement.  These are our sole point of focus and our only clients. In a remarkably short period we have gained a reputation within the Department of Defense for providing advice and perspective to senior executives on landpower issues both in government and the corporate world, as well as to Congress and the media.

In summary, we are new, lean, well-connected and able to meet the needs of any client or individual who wants to work with or better understand our fighting men and women in the land Services.